Energy products for houses and smaller properties

Stocksbro Energy Products AB specialises in the development and manufacture of energy products for houses and smaller properties. The products we manufacture belong within the field of bioenergy and solar energy, consisting of pellet boilers and energy efficient storage tanks.

Stocksbro manufactures, among others, the Bio-Sol boiler, as well as the Dalatanken, which are exported to a variety of countries under a number of different brands. The Bio-Solar system, as we have explained, is aimed at melding Cost Savings, the Environment and Comfort in a single system. This is achieved in an intelligent manner with our Bio-Sol boiler, which combines free solar energy with comfortable and cheap pellet heating, in the same unit.


Stocksbroverken began producing storage tanks in 1993. In 1999, it patented its in-house developed Bio-Sol boiler. The development of both these products has progressed since then to what they are today. Sales have kept up with development, always at a constant rate.
During 2012 the company Stocksbro Energy Products AB buys the products and production of Dalatanken and Bio-Sol furnace of Stocksbroverken AB. The office and workshop will still be placed at Stocksbro.

Here, you can find our staff, information on how to find us and contact details.

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