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Investing in a new heating facility for your house is probably the biggest investment you can make in your property with an expectation of a long life. There are many issues to be investigated and things don't get easier thanks to the large range of different alternatives available today.

When choosing an alternative, you often look at and compare current prices and let these factors make the decision. However, today's values will be history tomorrow.

You have to build an understanding of how the energy prices for an energy system will look in 10, 15 or maybe 20 years in the future. It is therefore important to choose parts which are included of good quality, that the system is correctly designed for the best performance and that the type of energy you choose will have an advantageous price development while still being environment-friendly. These factors are more important to consider than the price tag of the new heating system itself.

Our view on the choice of heating is based on those facts we know today and what we believe will apply in the future. In all probability, all fuel produced will increase in price. The prices are increasing primarily on types of energy such as electricity, oil and other fossil fuels. These are also covered by fees for reducing the discharge of carbon dioxide. Bio-fuels, such as wood, wood chips or pellets, will naturally also increase in price, however not at the same rate as those which are fossil-dependant. We also know that the energy from the sun will continue to flood us in the future, completely free of charge.

Price of pellets compared with electricity and oil  in Sweden 2006 - 2009


Source: ÄFAB
Oil price:
Electricity price:
VB Energi (including energy tax, electricity certificate, network service price and VAT)
Pellets price:
ÄFAB (average for 9 producers from Norrland, Svealand and Götaland)

At Stocksbro we are primarily committed to products which suit systems where bio-energy and the sun are the main types of energy; however we are also equipped for connections to heating pumps.

Let's look at the relationship between those types of energy accessible today:

Energy costs

Electricity (incl. network and VAT)
SEK 1.30/kWh
SEK 1.40/kWh
Pellets (SEK 2,515/ton, 4,800 kWh/ton, degree of effectiveness 85%)
SEK 0.61/kWh
SEK 0.00 /kWh

(Prices as per Jan 2009)

The storage tank is the heart of a heating system

The heat from the sun is a type of energy which must have an accumulator tank in order to function. When it comes to wood burning, it is a requirement, according to Boverket's (a housing association) building regulations, that wood furnaces must be fired to feed an accumulator tank. All new instalments must therefore have an accumulator tank. This gives cleaner combustion with a smaller scale of discharge while providing better comfort in the house. The degree of effectiveness is improved and in other words, you save wood. If a wood-burning facility is combined with the sun, the practical profit becomes very large and in all probability 20-25 % can be saved on the amount of fuel used yearly.

Even other types of energy benefit from a tank. An annual degree of effectiveness is estimated at improving by between 5 and 10% if the pellets burner works with an accumulator tank. This is due to many factors such as the burner not having to start as often and that it works at its most favourable effect mode for most of the burning time.



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