Our products are good for the environment

We must make sure that we have a durable society if we want to survive on the Earth. Even if there are differences in opinions on how much we affect the climate, we are, despite everything, in agreement that we must apply a technology which will reduce current discharges. One important area is the use of energy and energy production for heating our houses.

When we burn oil, coal or natural gas, we transform hydrocarbons which have been bound to the interior of the earth for millions of years, into greenhouse gases and the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere will increase resulting in an increase in temperature.

But when we use bio-energy, we also release carbon dioxide, says someone who knows! Completely correct, however the difference from the fossil fuels is that the bio-mass is produced by the now growing vegetation which binds the carbon dioxide at the same pace as we burn it. Even if we did not use the bio- mass for heating our houses and just let it lie in the forests, then the mushrooms and bacteria would break it down releasing the final products of carbon dioxide and water into the atmosphere.

The good thing about solar energy is that it will not release anything into the atmosphere, neither now nor in the future. It is important to use the right type of energy for the right purposes. Electricity, which has the highest value and is the best type of energy we have, is unnecessary to use for such a simple task as producing heat. For this, we can use energy types of lesser value, such as bioenergy and solar energy. Electricity is also partially produced by fossil fuels, so by saving electricity we also reduce the discharge of greenhouse gases.

Solar energy is the energy type of the future

Solar energy is absolutely the cleanest type of energy we have access to, and it is completely free. All we have to do is to gather it and use it in our facilities. The only drawback with solar energy is, as everyone knows, it doesn't give us enough heat during the coldest time of the year. We must supplement it with another type of energy in order to cover our needs.

For our system, we often count on the buyer intending to directly or in the future combine bioenergy with solar heat. Our system utilises bioenergy (wood, pellets, etc.) as a complement and lets the electricity function as backup and security. The solutions always prioritise the free energy from the sun and utilise it at a maximum before the bioenergy is applied to meet demands and as a last resort, the electricity is applied if the system stops.

What can you expect from your solar facility?

Those costs you have for a solar system are mostly just investment costs. There is naturally a maintenance cost, however this is usually negligible.

Positive points are:

* the value of reduced use of other fuels
* less work and increased comfort
* reduced effect on the environment
* better economy of scarce raw energy
* a durable energy solution for the future, regardless of what happens to the fuel prices

A well-dimension multi-facility heats approximately 50% of the hot tap water and 20 - 30% of heating requirements per year. The needs vary however depending on many factors such as the state of the house, the type of family, weather, etc.

The yearly requirement for a normal Swedish household is 5,000 kWh for hot tap water and 15,000 kWh for heating. A typical solar multi-facility can supply approximately 5,000 kWh; however this can swing both upwards and downwards depending on the needs.

The biggest benefit of solar heat is that the burning season is nearly halved. And best of all is that what we call low-load burning can be completely avoided. Low-load burning is a low degree of effectiveness (40 - 50%) resulting in the unnecessary discharge of dangerous substances. It is therefore much better to utilise free and clean solar heat. One downloaded kWh from the sun saves 1.5 kWh fuel.

Solar heat combined with a heating pump can rest during the summer half of the year. Electric consumption is reduced while the life length of the pump increases. The Bio-Sol furnace and Dalatanken are key components to an environment-friendly, economical and comfortable heating system.

The possible combinations are many and flexibility great. It is also possible to adapt the products to individual needs.

Our products can be combined with solar energy

Our philosophy is that heating can be performed with a renewable type of energy combined with solar energy. The Bio-Sol furnace is an example of this and it is made to function with pellets and the sun. Our tanks are also adapted for inclusion in a system using wood, pellets or other bio furnaces; however they are also suitable for systems with heating pumps. All systems have the advantage of being combined with solar energy.

Our heating products have a given place in the system which produces a durable solution for the now foreseeable future. By installing them you make a great contribution to our climate.


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