Swedish Quality

Our products are made completely in Sweden. The factory lies in Dalarna and our products contain Swedish steel. We strive to produce as maintenance-free products as possible while simultaneously providing safety when you use our heating system.

We place very high demands on our certified welders. When you look at a tank or furnace welded by Stocksbro, you cannot help but admire the fine, even welding lines and connections that are always welded at right angles. This is important when your heat, ventilation and sanitation technician connects to the pipelines of the house.

All tanks and furnaces are covered with anti-rust protection, even the bottom. This gives extra safety to the customer and guarantees our products a very long life.

The thickness of the steel plating of the tanks and furnaces is adapted to the volume and pressure they are approved for. The thinnest steel plating is 3 mm and the largest tanks have a steel plating of 5 mm thickness.


The Bio Sol furnace and the other insulated tanks have a special insulation which we alone on the market supply. The insulation consists of 90mm thick polyurethane (the best insulating material). The foam is fire resistant (Class B2) and cast together with the outer shell of aluminium plating. The top of the tanks and furnaces are polyurethane foam cast with flame-proof ABS-plastic. This means that they have excellent insulating properties as well a good fire resistance.

Thorough production for the best quality

Furnaces are manufactured according to valid EU-directives (EN 303-5) and hydrostatically tested (pressure-tested) at 4 Bar before they leave the factory. Even the hot water and sun coils are hydrostatically tested to check for tightness prior to delivery. The coils are also rinsed clean to avoid impurities entering the water system they are connected to.

The Bio-Sol furnace has been tested at TUF in Germany and is type-approved by Swedcert.


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