2011-05 Saving up to 10.000 SEK per year with the Bio-Sol boiler

- We have saved 90 percent of the pellet consumption.
Says the environment friendly Stig Persson, so when his old boiler gave up he took the decision to combine pellet and solar energy.

In April they only used 10 percent of the normal pellet consumption at Stig Perssons house in Järvsö, Sweden.
The five tonne pellet that they usually used from Novembre to February is now enough for the hole year.
Already in February the solar panels can give 70-80 C hot water in the Bio-sol boiler.


The solar panels uses the heat from the sun and exchange it to hot water. The solar heated water can either be used in a hot water system that produces hot water for tapping, or in a combined system that produces both hot water and heating the house.
The solar panel controler regulates a circulation pump that loads the hot water in the Bio-Sol storage.
The heated hot water will then be stored until it will be used.

Today, a day at the end of April, it loads the storage with 79 C water.
The return temperetaure, out of the heat exchanger, is 70 C and with a flow of 2 litres per minute, to be able to have high efficiency of the heat exchanger.

- It is very little maintenance. The solar circuit is running by itself and the Bio-Sol boiler has so high efficiency that i only need to empty the ash box once per month and i can do that with my white shirt without getting dirty at all!

A heated water circuit with solar energy gives low operation costs with clean, quiet, environment friendly energy and also a higher value of the house. Maintenance is small and the fuel(sun) is free.

- We are very happy. Now in April the Bio-Sol storage tank with 630 litre is heated up to 90 C from the morning to 5 o clock on the aftenoon with solar energy, says Stig.

The solar panels does also fit well on the house, if you are not aware of the panels you will not notice them on the roof.

When the old pellet boiler was getting worse the couple was thinking how to do. One thought was to connect their heating system to the district heating, wich was just outside their door, or to install solar panels.

- We discussed the alternatives with local installers and the choice was the Bio-Sol boiler that combines solar heat, also because it increases the value on the house on differenet way than if they connected to the district heating.

This article was published in Ljusdals Tidning No.5 2011, Sweden.

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