Our products are among the leaders in the solar and bio energy sector. They provide our clients with highly comfortable and cost saving heating, as well as minimise the impact on climate change. At Stocksbro, we are highly conscious of the environment and climate change, so they are vital factors in determining the products we make.

The storage tank is the heart in our systems

There are many reasons for installing a storage tank. A storage tank as the centre of the system allows for very flexible solutions. In practical terms, any kind of energy benefits from the use of a storage tank, whilst for wood fired and solar energy based systems, it is a must.

The buffer tank stores the energy produced from whichever source you choose, e.g. solar energy, pellets or wood. You can use a complementary electric heating element, which also provides a good backup option.

A buffer tank will supply heat where you need it, whether it is to your radiators, heated floors or hot water.

Energy Storage

The storage tank works by storing energy, thus allowing you to always use the energy source that is the cheapest at the time, as well as at their maximum level of effectiveness. The energy is then distributed to the various heating devices, as needed.

A good, well built storage tank can double the energy output of solar panels. Our buffer tanks, like the Bio-Sol Boiler, are made to provide your solar panels with the best possible operating conditions. The effectiveness of storing solar energy depends on the extent to which you can avoid remixing in the tank and how good the heat layering is.

Correctly sized and optimally placed coils, a diffuser on the return connection and well placed connections, all work together to result in the all important heat layering.
This combination makes the storage tanks highly effective.

Insulation and External Handling

Once your energy has been produced, it is vital that it is not lost without being put to good use. That is why we insulate our tanks and the Bio-Sol Boiler with a full 90 mm of Freon-free polyurethane foam insulation. As the only manufacturer, we use fire-proof foam (Class B2) that is bonded to a wrought aluminium plate in the mantle walls. The cap is protected by the same foam, whilst the surface is made of flame retardant ABS plastic. The insulation is easy to assemble/remove at installation.

All our products, both insulated and non-insulated and unlike many of our competitor's products, are fully anti-rust treated, even on the bottom. This ensures peace of mind and leads to a long product lifetime.


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