Bio-Sol boiler

The Bio-Sol boiler is combination of a pellet boiler and a storage tank, it provides a solution with a variety of functions in a single, highly insulated unit. You can choose whether to use it as an storage tank, pellet boiler, solar tank, electric boiler or in combination with several energy sources. The boiler is a complete solution for heating properties up to 350 square metres.

Main advantages of a Bio-Sol boiler

A highly insulated tank for effective energy storage.

Solar Energy
The cleanest and most environmentally friendly option.

Convenient and cost effective bio-fuel that will not add to the greenhouse effect.

Oil - electricity - gas
Complementary energy sources according to your needs and conditions.

Fire-proof Insulation

The insulation consists of a full 90 mm of Freon-free, moulded polyurethane foam that ensures minimal energy loss and is easy to assemble/remove at installation. The surface, which is bonded to the fire-proof insulation, is made from wrought aluminium plate whilst the cap is made from flame retardant plastic.

The boiler comes in either red or blue, with a black top as standard, although it can be changed to order.

Optimal Energy Use

The boiler has an upright, cylindrical accumulator tank with a capacity of 630 litres and three coils. Two coils for hot water (12 m and 22 mm wide) and one for solar heated water (12 m and 18 mm wide), as well as an integrated pellet boiler in the upper part.

The lower part is solar heated and its upper section houses the built in pellet boiler, or electric heating element, providing a complete heating solution. The temperature layering in the tank is effectively used and provides the optimal conditions for the solar heated part.

The common accumulator tank stores the solar, pellet or electric energy. The tank's sensors control the pellet boiler and/or electric heating element, allowing it to start functioning when the solar energy is insufficient.

As the boiler is placed in the upper part of the tank, it proportions a comfortable, ergonomic position when removing the ashes and servicing the burner. Everything is easily accessible through the boiler's front hatch. Bio-Sol boiler owners don't get back ache

You can choose how to customise your system to suit your needs - and your wallet. Solar energy and pellets, either on their own, or both together. You can even start off without a burner or solar panels and use only electricity, allowing you to choose if and when you want to add those functionalities.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Thanks to the unique design that combines all these functionalities in a single unit, the Bio-Sol boiler takes up much less space than conventional solutions. The burner's maintenance, ashing out and chimney sweeping is all carried out at a comfortable working height and through the hatch on the front of the boiler.



Technical Data

Maximum Potency
25 kW
Maximum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Pressure
2.5 bar
Plate Thickness
6 mm
Insulation Thickness
90 mm
Solar Energy Coil
1x12 m, ø 18 mm
Hot Water Coil
2x12 m, ø 22 mm
Tank Volume
630 litres
330 kg


Standard Equipment

Chimney Sweeping Gear
Traction Controller
Temperature Sensor
6 kW Heating Element
Burner Mounting Kit






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