The Bio-Sol boiler's design makes it suitable for use with many of the most commonly used pellet burners on the market. As the boiler is integrated in an accumulator tank with limited space, certain requirements are places on the burner so that it can fit in the boiler. The burner pipe diameter cannot be too wide (maximum 160 mm) and the burner should have a forward directed flame. It should also be possible to mount the burner in the Bio-Solar Boiler's hatch.

In order to facilitate assembly, we have produced mounting kits for the majority of burners that are suitable for the Bio-Sol boiler. Note that we do not sell burners directly and you should contact the respective manufacturer regarding questions about them.

There are various different burner designs on the market and they have slightly different operating principles. In general, there are three different types: Those that are fed from above, from the front and from below.

Top Feeding Burners

Measuring and feeding takes place through a feeding screw that connects the pellet depository and the burner.


 b1  b2 b3
Baxi Eurofire ULMA 2000 TC
 b4 b5 b6
Viking Bio
 b7  b8  b9
IWABO Villa S2 Viking B16 GL Biona
TB - Mini

Front Feeding Burners

Measuring takes place via an internal dosage screw. This, in turn, is supplied from the pellet depository via an external feeding screw.


EP18 A
Janfire NH
Janfire flex-a

The Bio-Sol boiler has adaptation kits for the above mentioned top and front loading burners, as well as oil burners.

However, please note that the Ivabo, VikingB16, TB-Mini and Janfire burners need to be fitted with a flame targeter that directs the flame forward. (Available as an accessory from the respective burner manufacturer)

Bottom Feeding Burners

The fuel is measured by an internal screw that pushes the fuel into the burner from below. Feeding into the burner takes place via an external screw between the burner and depository.

EcoTec Bioline 20
BeQuem 20D

Burners that are directed upwards are not compatible with the Bio-Sol boiler.



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