The Dalatanken is easy to assemble. All steel sleeves are internally threaded. If the tank features our special insulation, it will have a nipple with a locking plate that bows out over a steel plate. This nipple is externally threaded. The dimensions are provided in the schematics. Copper pipes for solar energy and hot water have a diameter of 18 mm and 22 mm. If you wish to connect these with solder, it is important to follow the rules regarding the highest allowable temperatures to avoid damaging the factory solder.

The 500 and 750 litre Dalatanks come with our special insulation. The insulation comes in three parts and is easy to disassemble/assemble during installation. (The same insulation as with the Bio-Solar Boiler). By removing the insulation before bearing in the tank, you avoid the risk of damaging it during handling, as well as slimming down the unit to 60 and 75 cm, respectively, to fit it through doors and passageways. During assembly, the use of a fastening belt helps to keep the two halves tightly together. Don't forget to use the shield under the fastening belt's metal parts in order to avoid damaging the fragile insulation.

Installation 5   Installation 4

When placing the tank upright, it is important that the insulation is flat against the floor. Any unevenness can be compensated with mineral wool and the plate belt found low down that holds the insulating halves together can be moved down towards the floor. Any greater unevenness can be compensated with plates fit behind the fastening belt and shaped to fit the uneven floor.

Also remember to ensure that the underlay is sturdy enough to bear the weight of a full tank.




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