Solar Energy Equipment

The Dalatanken and Bio-Solar Boiler are all prepared for connection to solar panels. However, Stocksbro neither manufactures nor sells solar panels or cells. If you are interested in solar energy equipment, please contact the respective resellers or manufacturers. You can find links to these on our Links page or from our resellers.

Solar Energy

The surface of the earth receives between 800 and 1,050 kWh/m² every year. The energy reaching a property's roof is more than enough for its energy requirements. "All" you have to do is collect and store it until you need it.

In general, your solar panels will take in between 300 and 800 kWh/m² per year.

Different Solar Energy Systems

There are two main ways in which we use the sun's energy - for heat and for electricity.

Heat from the Sun

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The solar panels are used to gather the solar energy. This energy is then stored as heated water in some kind of accumulator tank, until it is distributed for heat and/or hot water. In general, solar panels come in two kinds, flat and vacuum solar panels.

Electricity from the Sun


In order to generate electricity from the sun, solar cells are used. The electricity is either used directly, or stored in accumulator batteries for later use.

Solar energy systems for heat can be built to supply only hot water, the so-called domestic hot water systems, or a combination of both heat and hot water, in a combi system.

Our products are suitable for these complete combi systems. The solar panels can be either flat panels or vacuum tubes. The solar panels provide the energy that is passed to the stored water in the accumulator tank.


The solar energy installation's size is commonly proportional to the size of the family. This is because the majority of the energy from the solar panels is used for hot water. A rule of thumb is to install 2 flat panel units, each 2.5 m², or the vacuum tube equivalent, per household member.

The tank capacity should not be excessive as otherwise it may take a while to get hot water from the solar panels. Meaning you may have to fire the boiler even in sunny weather. About 50 to 75 litres per m² of flat solar panels is reasonable.

Solar Panel Placement

As the solar panels get their energy from the sun's rays, they should be angled as much as possible at the sun. However, the sun travels across the sky and its height over the horizon depends on the time of year. Therefore, it is a question of finding the best compromise, which tends to have the solar panels south facing and at a 45° angle.

In general, the solar panels are mounted on the roof, although it is not compulsory. They can even be placed on the ground, but, of course, they are more protected and less prone to shadows if they are on the roof.

The table provides effectiveness figures according to different angles and orientation.




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